Amazing tools to read and translate Chinese

My Chinese course gives you all the tools you need to read and translate any type of text. Progress by finding the correct meaning of a word depending on the context, this way your learning will be more effective.

We provide you texts from beginner to expert levels and new lessons are added frequently. You can also create you own text by using our OCR system or copying texts from website or a book.

Practice your Chinese in a fun way by answering Miss Zhang's questions.

Learn your words using the "Slideshow" mode, then test your level and improve your learning with different types of exercises.

Whether you are traveling by public transport, in class or at home, My Chinese Class lets you learn your vocabulary at any time of the day.

All the tools you need


Full dictionary

We provide you with Chinese / English and Chinese / French dictionaries. In this way, you can easily find the meaning of any word you have read.

Text To Speech

Listen to the text while you're reading. The word currently being read is highlighted in sync with the audio to help you follow along.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

Create your own texts by using optical character recognition. Use my chinese class to learn texts you are studying in class or texts from books.

Manage your vocabulary

Easily save the words you want to learn and organize them by lessons and mark favorite ones.

Different types of exercise



Just look at the words you have saved, learn their meaning and get ready to test your learning.

Pinyin Quizz

Miss Zhang asks you to find the pinyin corresponding to a character. In this way, you test your reading skills.

Characters Drawing

Miss Zhang asks you to write characters from their meaning. Use the iOS writing keyboard to answer. In this way, you can test your writing skills.

Character Quizz

Miss Zhang asks you to find a character by its meaning. In this way, you test your character recognition skill.

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My Chinese class is available for iOS via the App Store and will soon be available for Android via the Google Play Store.


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